Artificial Intelligence boosts IoT applications

IoT integration to protect data and make it useful

The Internet of Thing is disruptly changing the way in which business processes are made.

The IoT technology currently allows to create smart stores, with personalized in-store offers and advertisings and without cashiers or cash registers. The same technology that could modify automatically in real time the amount of a specific product to be manufactured in order to reach an unexpected demand peak. That are only some examples of IoT application.


But the hatching of Artificial Intelligence can make IoT more profitable. In fact, it is taking the IoT to the next level. The jump is really important when we face three big trends - urbanization, industrialization and digitalization - demanding to obtain more with less resources. 

We are entering in a great cycle of transformation of the industries, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence and the widespread connectivity. Today, cars can tell you when it needs to  visit a mechanic. Tomorrow, we probably will see machines and equipment that are auto repaired in the factory and digitally hyperconnected information centers.

Big Data implication

The volum of information gathered by IoT's devices is enormous. Remnant grows exponentially. It is imperative to find a way to transform big data into tangible value. And the artificial intelligence is the way of achieving it.

Briefly, big data will feed IA, providing meaningfuness to this information by means of machine learning (predictive maintenance), augmented reality (putting the information in context), and deep learning (a technology that imitates the skill of the brain to learn).


"...the best way of transforming this digital information into valuable information is the Artificial Intelligence"

In Pervasive Technologies we use the Artificial Intelligence to turn the information into actionable knowledge. We integrate the information of any IoT device to our platform in cloud, and there we are able to analyze and activate automatic answers to specific questions.

As it explains, it is necessary to take advantage of the information gathered with IoT device to detect weakness of some processes, variability patterns and automatic answers to correct foreseeable situations of anomaly.

Transforming data into business decisions

Nowadays we gather a lot of information of all types, probably more than those that we really can process. That's because, the best way of transforming this data into valuable information is the Artificial Intelligence. Technologies like deep learning will allow us to transform static approaches into dynamic ones.

Hereby, we manage to unify our analytical experience and knowledge about artificial intelligence with IoT innovative applications, creating tools and solutions that allow to understand in depth the company ecosystem to take the right decisions.

We are conscious that there is not a known limit for the Artificial Intelligence and the IoT applications. 

Pervasive Technologies constantly works developing innovative applications related to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.