Multichannel customer experience based on personalized marketing actions

Multichannel Personalized Marketing Technollogy solutions

Personalized marketing cloud platform powered by Pervasive Technologies provides modern machine learning algorithms encompassing main e-commerce and retailers' needs.

Companies applying the AI Marketing solution are able to increase conversion due to accurate results to searches and recommendations and to increase the average value of the shopping cart. When the communication with customers is personalized during the complete shopping experience, incomes of sending personalized e-mails are higher and drop-out clients' ratio is reduced.

Automated product classification Multichannel Personalized Marketing

Automated product classification

By means of an intelligent categorization engine that allows to organize the products in categories and families in a semiautomatic way.

Personalized recommendation engine Multichannel Personalized Marketing

Personalized recommendation engine

Using a powerful recommendation engine based on machine learning to predict the most relevant product recommendations in each customer interaction.

Content personalization and display Multichannel Personalized Marketing

Content personalization
& display

Presenting highly relevant content for each individual customer in any of the buying channels -web, mobile, in-store-, increasing the conversion.

Intelligent Search Engine Multichannel Personalized Marketing

Intelligent search

By means of an intelligent search engine capable of combining semantic analytics and categories, personalizing the result for each user according to the
Conversion Rate (CR).

Personalized e-mail marketing Multichannel Personalized Marketing

Personalized e-mail marketing

Applying advanced analytics algorithms and ML that generate personalized recommendations of products (contents) and automating the process through the use of email layouts.


Dramatically boost sales in your ecommerce and stores improving your conversion ratios, decreasing customer churn and achieving your business goals through our AI MPM solution