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Artificial Intelligence applications enable greater accuracy and speed to key HR business processes and improving HR metrics.

The main AI scope for HR is to introduce a data-driven approach in the recruitment process. It allows recruiters to avoid spending a lot of time looking at each resume deciding whether it’s worth continuing the analysis of the candidate. Our solution manages resumes automatically giving recruiters more time to only examine unbiased promising candidates.


Extract required information

We leverage Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to extract all required information from the resumes combined with internet data sources providing a 360º view. It processes html or pdf resumés and convert it in a readable content.


Data normalization

Since texts in the curricula are written in many different ways, the AI Recruitment Solution does an extensive preprocessing of the content to adjust the number of concepts in a well defined and distinctive corpus. The solution combines multiple dimensions of information, such as skills, education, and work experience.


Ranking score calculation

The score describes how well the candidates fit the job position. In order to score candidates, weighted average of several categories is calculated (i.e. education, work experience, skills, ...). Skills category matches with all skills required for the position and accustoms to represent greater weight than the others (adjustable).


Short List & Hiring

After scoring, job recruiters can choose how many candidates to add in short list and continue with the process (interviews, cross-info, ...) just to select the final two or three, engage the process with the customer and jump to final step of hiring.

HR specific Natural Language Processing and other analysis techniques, act as decision supports

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Identify potential talent

Tick AI Recruitment Solution

Identify competences

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Help to design succession

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Improve HR metrics

Tick AI Recruitment Solution

Greater accuracy and speed to HR business processes

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Identify potential and training needs

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Reduce human bias in decision-making application