Streaming and static image recognition

Image recognition Artificial Intelligence Vision

Deep Learning-powered image recognition is now performing better than human vision on many tasks.

The human sense of vision is unbelievably advanced. Within fractions of seconds, we can identify objects within our field of view, without thought or hesitation. But not only can we name objects we are looking at, we can also perceive their depth, perfectly distinguish their contours, and separate the objects from their backgrounds. Somehow our eyes take in raw voxels of color data, but our brain transforms that information into more meaningful primitives – lines, curves, and shapes – that might indicate, for example, that we’re looking at a can of Coke.

Genre and age detection Image Recognition

Genre and age detection

Given images, as static files or as a video streams, the AI Vision solution detects the genre and the age range of any individual with high accuracy.

Genre and age detection Image Recognition
Detection and classifiction Image Recognition

Content image classification and localisation

AI Vision solution classifies image content according your specific needs (subjects or objects) and locates them within the image plane. It does not matter if they are static files or video streams. 

Image classification and localisation Image Recognition
Object Counting per class Image Recognition

Object counting per class

From coins, boxes or waste packages, up to shoppers, product shelves or showcases, there are many industrial and retail processes radically improved applying object counting per class with our AI Vision solution.

Object counting per class Image recognision
Image Quality Control Image Recognition

Product quality control

Computer vision algorithms based on machine learning can learn from a set of product samples to distinguish the “good” samples from the flawed ones. 

Product quality control Image Recognition
Visual Similarity Search Image Recognition

Visual similarity product search

There is one type of search query that is very explicit and specific – a visual similarity search. Find visually similar products based on image samples and obtain a collection of very relevant results.

Visual similarity Search Image Recognition

 Applications of this technology can affect many areas of our day to day