Stop improper users in your online business' guaranteeing your revenues

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Abuse & Fraud Detection solution analyzes the activity of subscribed users to your online business. Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line by stopping improper under subscription online access.

Many customers share their user credentials to access online platforms under monthly / annual based subscription, misusing and committing abuse & fraud and violating legal terms & conditions as customers.

Abuse and Fraud detection

Abuse & fraud detection in real time and batch with accuracy

Our approach uses multiple analytical techniques – predictive modeling, anomaly detection, text mining and business rules – to generate better-prioritized instant and periodic results.

Gain a realistic view of your overall fraud risk & compliance Abuse and Fraud detection

Realistic view of your overall fraud risk & compliance

Get an integral, cross-channel view throughout your enterprise using entity link analysis to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious behaviors in your customers and users.

Uncover even the most complex fraud schemes fast Abuse and Fraud detection

Uncover even the most complex fraud schemes fast

Apply proven behavioral analytics in real time to distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activity.

Get early warning of customers and users emerging threats, and keep costs in check