Cash demand forecasting for ATM

PredCash Technology Solution

PredCash is an Artificial Intelligence cloud based solution powered by Pervasive Technologies optimizing the cash load and logistics related in ATM networks, generating capital savings and improving the quality of the service.

PredCash allows financial institutions to reduce cash breaks in ATMs by up to a 90%, cash  remainder by a 30% and the number of recharge actions at a minimum of a 10% . As a consequence, customer service is greatly improved.

Hourly predictions per device Cash demand fforecasting

Individual hourly predictions 

Cash predictions through data files or calls to an API with the detail of predicted loads, indicating the replenishment for each ATM or branch.

Efficient cash transport Cash Demand Forecasting

Efficient cash transport

Optimized load routes based on the total cost of service (transport, insurance, etc.). Services and billing control of the transport suppliers.

Optimal load proposals Cash Demand Forecasting

Optimal load proposals

Generation of optimal load proposals, from a daily forecast and according to the uptime chosen by the client for each ATM-currency. Periodic reporting of ATM loads.

Security and Legal compliance Cash demand forecasting

Data security & compliance

Fulfill government regulations, requirements, restrictions and guidelines. Avoid manual processes and data manipulation increasing internal security.

Customer retention and Legal compliance Cash demand forecasting

Customer retention

Increase customer service level with the consequent improvement in the image of the entity and avoiding customer churn.