Customer Reference


Juguear.com improves its customer retention and loyalty through personalized e-mail marketing based on AI.

Juguear is an online shop that sells toys in an unconventional way. They segment their products according to the function or utility that the toys have so, the customer can identify and choose this differentiation. There also give advise on toys according to ages.

Juguear makes a careful selection of materials, games and toys that develop imagination, creativity and all the potential that each child carries inside.

Xènia Porcel – CEO of Juguear.com

“The e-commerce of toys is a very seasonal business where holding / retaining customers and modifying their buying behavior is the main challenge. Thanks to the personalized contact of email marketing through Pervasive-Tech AI technology, we have managed to increase customer retention by more than 18% and even distribute their purchasing behavior in a more homogeneous way during the year.”