Analytics Express

Quick, precise, efficient and actionable


We understand the key factors of establishing clear executable targets for data mining, advanced analytics and IoT integration services to ensure critical success. That is why we created the Analytics Express methodology, a set of tasks grouped in three steps.


Step 1. Assessment

  • Share knowledge about analytics environment
  • Identify a target: customer business objective valid for any combination of structured and unstructured data
  • Evaluate data availability (sources, formats, sizing,…)
  • List granular analytic projects related to target and prioritization
  • Choose the best combination of potential project/s vs data availability to approach the target


Step 2. Model creation and Trial

  • Select standard analytics models and techniques from our platform related to project and target
  • Data sample preparation
  • Build customized analytics model/s, data sample integration and logical process in our platform
  • Test run of the customer analytics application (trial). Tunning and adjustments
  • Collection of results
  • Final report preparation


Step 3. Solution delivery and next steps

  • Final report presentation identifying the target, the analytics approach and the final value vs baseline
  • After a succesful trial and business value, our solution is avaliable for customer analysis in our platform through a subscription pricing model
  • Customer agreement
  • Training
  • Potential analytics roadmap related to customer needs and priorization

Big Data is forcing organizations to stay savvy. With increased competition biting at your heels, our data mining and advanced analytics solutions will help you with this process