Center your efforts in your models and not in your code


From Modelling to Production without burden

Heureka.ai, our Analytics As A Service platform, allows data scientists to deploy predictive models rapidly, frequently and reliably without the need of IT Support.

Models can be tested, preproduction and production in minutes

Heureka.ai eases the work of Data Scientist by making predictive models accessible via REST API requests without the need of requiring support from developers and IT. Data Scientists can concentrate their effort in their models and not in the solution deployment.

Models´ evolution

Integrate your models into your applications just by sending the code (python or R) to the AAAS platform and see them transformed in REST APIs.

Models´ Performance

Dashboards in Heureka.ai platform allow you to follow exactly what’s going on:

  • Traffic
  • Summary statistics
  • Score evolution
  • Time to train
  • Time to predict
  • Number of calls