Jetson Family Edge Solutions

Embedded Systems for Next-Generation Autonomous Machines. NVIDIA Jetson: The AI platform for autonomous everything


NVIDIA® Jetson systems provide the performance and power efficiency to run autonomous machines software, faster and with less power. Each is a complete System-on-Module (SOM), with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash storage—saving development time and money. Jetson is also extensible. Just select the SOM that’s right for the application, and build the custom system around it to meet its specific needs.

Pervasive Technologies's offering on NVIDIA Jetson involves


Step 1. Assessment

  • Identify the target: customer business objective valid for any combination of static images and streaming video
  • Alyzing network implementation that needs porting on NVIDIA Jetson
  • Evaluate data availability (sources, formats, sizing,…)
  • List granular analytic modules related to target and prioritization


Step 2. Model creation and Trial

  • Data sample preparation
  • Porting of trained deep learning network for inference on NVIDIA Jetson
  • Test run of the customer analytics application (trial). Tunning and adjustments
  • Optimizing network using TensorRT
  • Final deployment preparation


Step 3. Solution delivery and next steps

  • After a succesful trial and business value, our solution is avaliable for customer deployment in Edge, connected to, our platform through a subscription pricing model
  • Communicating with cloud for analytics and improving training of network on cloud
  • Deploying updated weights on cloud for better inference

We help our customers to transform and optimize their business using the power of data and AI technologies

  • Tailored Business Value oriented AI – ML Modules
  • Own methodology
  • Heureka, own platform for deployment.
  • Local Analytics, High Talented Expertise
  • Strong Partnership with Google Cloud
  • Long Term relationship with customers as partners
  • Passionated Team

Some solutions running on NVIDIA Jetson


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