Human resources

Use data to make decisions about people, and help leaders operate based on evidence rather than intuition with AI services for the HR sector


AI helps departments and partners work more effectively and boosts recruitment and development of high-performing employees

Human Resources specific Natural Language Processing and other analysis techniques, with varying and often progressive levels of insights not only acts as decision supports. But also, enable greater accuracy and speed to key HR business processes and improving HR metrics. They also reduce human bias in decision-making application. Examples include resume scoring and survey analysis.

  • Recruitment
    • Classifying & Ranking
    • Identifying personal traits, gaps in records and fraud
    • Deep information extraction
    • Survey & Feedback Analysis including friction areas and human emotions
  • Succession & Carrier Development
    • Identifying potential & training needs
    • Designing succession & matching fitment
    • Conflict resolution
  • Appraisal
  • Social Media Analysis to identify competences, talent and potential
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