Understand what customers want and you will increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


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Consumers have taken control of the shopping process, and there is no sign that they plan to let go. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand over the next five years, the effects on multichannel retailers will be more disruptive than anything seen to date and will require advanced analytics capabilities to cope with this disruption and increase CLV.


  • Win new business with a positive customer experience
  • Unlock valuable customer intelligence in your data to develop a personalized customer experience offering solutions, acquire new customers, build high-value relationships, retain customers and reward loyalty
  • Focus loyalty initiatives for high lifetime value customers (CLV)
CLV Retail
CLV Retail


Big Data is forcing retail marketers to stay savy. With increased competition biting at your heels, our advanced analytics solutions will help you:

  • Understand customer purchase behavior by predicting customers incremental response
  • Determine optimal communication channels to reach customers and prospects at the right time
  • Make smarter product offer decisions that improve overall propensity to respond
  • Develop optimal promotional strategies that maximize revenue
  • By predicting customers’ incremental response, advanced marketing analytics will help you make smarter product offer decisions that greatly improve overall marketing ROI


Improve confidence in the management of your store brand credit card. Our advanced risk analytics solutions mine big data to help you assess customers and new applicants:

  • Develop credit scorecards to improve your decision on the individual level
  • Reduce transaction costs and time-lags associated with decisions to extend credit
  • Grow market share by uncovering valuable growth opportunities
  • Create actionable and predictive rules that drive continuous business improvement across all portfolios
  • Discover valuable insights to improve your credit decision, reduce decision time, mitigate risk, and reveal valuable growth opportunities with our credit risk scoring solutions
CLV Retail
CLV Retail


Give your customers what they want, where they want it. With one opportunity to convert an in-store purchase, our predictive analytics solutions will help you:

  • Identify and predict trigger events for effective demand planning
  • Select which products should be allocated to specific stores
  • Identify products that should be co-merchandised in-store
  • Establish a unique merchandising strategy for online versus in-store
  • Customers are getting smarter – stay ahead of your customers using predictive analytics to effectively merchandise and allocate products to your store


How do you best detect, prevent, and manage loss? Our predictive models can detect subtle patterns of unusual or suspect activity in your data, so that you can:

  • Reduce inventory shrinkage through proactive fraud deterrence
  • Introduce fraud and abuse detection that adapts with predictive rules and evolves with changing patterns
  • Identify patterns and predict indicators of loss
  • Flag suspicious behavior for escalation and further investigation
  • Our analytic solutions arm you with meaningful insights to decrease fraud and abuse, detect and prevent anomalous transactions, and help you respond proactively to mitigate loss
CLV Retail