Prevent accidents and even save lives. These are the things that Artificial Intelligence can do for us when we incorporate it into industrial environments and manage to adapt it to their diverse needs.

In 2019 alone, a total of 650,602 occupational accidents with sick leave were recorded in Spain. A significant bulk of this figure is made up of those occurring in the manufacturing industry, vehicle repair, construction, hospitality and transport and storage sectors.

In these environments, it is a priority to pay attention to the correct use of protective equipment, as non-compliance poses a risk to the lives of employees and can lead to serious legal problems for the organization.

Common sense and the law make it mandatory to maximize and control prevention thoroughly and constantly. It is the job of supervisors to check compliance at all times. Manually verifying that PPE is being used correctly and continuously is an arduous task that mobilizes company resources and opens the door to human error.

This is where applying Artificial Intelligence is a major advantage. There are applications that, through a combination of advanced analytics and machine learning applied to image processing, recognize whether employees are wearing protective equipment correctly. An example of this is our Workplace Safety – PPE Detection solution. AI is also capable of detecting possible non-compliance in real time.

These solutions can make use of the video cameras that companies often have to monitor their facilities in real time. Based on the information obtained from them, non-compliance and risks can be detected automatically, and reports can be drawn up to help refine PPE policy. Processing and recording units in access areas greatly reduce the time supervisors spend visually inspecting and improve the auditing process.

When choosing an AI solution, its ability to connect with other applications is important, for example, in case of an alarm, to trigger actions in other systems.

We can conclude that AI and real-time data processing can improve safety in work environments and boost productivity.