How our solutions are adding value

Taking advantage of predictive analytics, machine learning and IoT integration to confidently anticipate what comes next and guide more profitable, forward-looking decision making in many business environments.

Churn Prevention

Speed Up Your Business with Advanced Analytics.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict machine failures and plan maintenance measures accordingly.

Risk Modeling

Predict and understand the risk potential of certain actions or events.

Customer Lifetime Value

Quantify the potential of your customers and prospects.

Product Propensity

Predict what your customers will buy. Even before they know themselves.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and extract subjective information from textual content.

Customer Segmentation

Know your customers.

Next Best Action

The right offer at the right time.

Up and Cross Selling

Recommend products your customers will like.

How can we help you?

Our advanced analytics and machine learning solutions help organizations across many industries to achieve better outcomes.

Business Insights

Looking for better information to support your decision making but do not have the data skills, technology or infrastructure to identify the insights in your data.

Data Processing

Cleansing, Transforming, Integrating and Analyzing data from multiple internal and external sources including structured & unstructured data.

IoT Integration

Leveraging the power of API-led connectivity for a complete connectivity solution for digital business. Connect and orchestrate data on IoT devices, across devices, or with back-end applications.


Improving employees skills with our hands-on training programs on predictive data analysis, machine learning and IoT integration to provide the knowledge and experience needed in a growing number of industries.

Informed Stories

Providing standard and customized solutions for dashboards, reports and visualizations to enhance intelligent decisions and actions.

Analytics Platform

Enabling customers the “pervasive” cloud-based analytics as a service framework – –, our platform to deploy analytics projects.

Who is using our solutions?

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How do we work to provide a solution?

We have developed an Analytics Express method that allows us to provide Insights and production ready results in less than a month time.

Step 1. Assessment.

We identify the problem and the data available and decide what can be done to help.

Step 2. Model Creation and Trial.

Our trial process allows us to demonstrate our value to your business through a test run of the solution.

Step 3. Solution Delivery.

After a successful trial, our solution is available for your analysis on our platform through a subscription model.