PPE control

When we talk about sectors such as construction or industry, we all know that workers tend to do their jobs in complex and even dangerous environments, which causes accidents at work caused by risks in the work area.
The safety of employees in work areas has always been of vital importance to companies, and that leads to all companies working in these sectors (industry, manufacturing, construction, etc.) need, also for due compliance of the law, of a policy and a plan for the prevention of occupational hazards.

The problem with the control of the use of PPE is found in the manual review by visual inspection, since this method has traditionally been used to confirm that workers are wearing protective equipment. This method, apart from being very slow and expensive due to the individual review of each worker, leads to frequent errors that can affect both employees for their safety working as well as the company because they are breaking the legality unconsciously.
From Pervasive Technologies we have developed an artificial intelligence solution – Heureka PPE – based on image processing, to replace the traditional manual control system with an automated system. The system recognizes the PPE that workers carry, benefits employees by improving their safety in work areas and companies by increasing productivity and regulatory compliance, saving both time and money.

Heureka PPE

The Pervasive Heureka PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) solution continuously monitors the marked areas (usually the entrances or exits of the enclosures) by combining advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the correct use of the PPE indicated for the specific work environment.


In general, a series of surveillance cameras are available and compliance with the PPE regulations established for the areas or scenes where the images of each camera are captured must be detected.
Depending on the specificity of each use case, piloting may be necessary or timely in the real scenario of the solution, before the implementation of the Complete Solution.

Heureka PPE is scalable, secure and suitable for all infrastructure requirements.
The Heureka PPE Edge device is a GPU processing unit that can provide EPI detection information near the camera with any CCTV camera.
The solution can send the detection result, alarms and information related to the cloud and to a central processing unit.

Main components

Heureka Edge device

GPU processing unit supporting up to 4 cameras to perform detection on the device itself (local processing). Includes remote support service and configuration assistance.

Heureka PPE license

AI module for EPI’s detection. The license is associated with each camera.
The detections incorporated in Heureka PPE are: “helmet”, “head”, “vest”, “gloves”, “safety boots”, “acoustic protector”, “glasses” and “person”.

Optional components

Pervasive offers a set of optional services for adjustment, monitoring and priority maintenance of the solution:

Solution adjustment for the client’s case

We offer our adjustment service for those cases in which it is required to increase the accuracy by incorporating particularities of the client’s case.

Continued service for remote monitoring of the solution

Remote monitoring of the Heureka Edge device identifying potential anomalies in the behavior of the solution over a period of 2 years.

Maintenance of the Heureka PPE license

It includes the resolution of errors and the updates of the software provided by Pervasive for a period of 2 years.

Priority maintenance of the Heureka Edge device

It includes replacing the device with the solution already pre-installed in case of failure within 24-48h for a period of 2 years.


Pervasive Technologies solutions can be easily integrated into third-party systems through REST API communication.
The predictions can be sent by REST callback to a client server or they could be consulted by REST call to the Edge device by the client.
Additionally, in any of the options, the client could incorporate the predictions into his VMS system.
The solution can be integrated into a self-registration entry / exit system, access control systems and video management servers for alarms and operation. The possibilities of integration are multiple.